Business trainer training: 12 questions that almost everyone forgets to ask (checklist)

What do I have to pay attention to in a business trainer training?

Are you finding out about business trainer training? As Business-Trainer we have completed business trainer training ourselves (with associations such as BDVT or dvct) and also gained the experience of our colleagues.

Every year we train certified business trainers. In addition, we create an internal market analysis for business trainer training courses every year. We analyze prices, business conduct, participant satisfaction, scope of training, costs and much more.

Business trainer training checklist

From all this data, we have created a checklist (PDF) that provides key criteria when choosing a business trainer course:

The list answers the question: “What should I ask about or check before I sign a train-the-trainer contract?”

Business trainer training checklist

  • What everyone forgets: We have 12 criteria in the checklist with a lightbulb 💡 marked. These are the questions that we as a training institute are almost never asked!
  • When using the checklist, it doesn’t matter whether you decide to do online training or spend additional money on fine seminar rooms or hotels. (Of course, these costs are also included in the training price of the institutes.)

Download the PDF checklist in our online business trainer download area (free access).

Business trainer download area

You can also find parts of the list in our video:

Business trainer training criteria

for example:

03:05 Criterion: Is there a distinction between self-employed & employed trainers?

03:35 How long should a business trainer course (Train the Trainer course) be?

04:05 How many attendance hours (time hours) does the training for business trainers have?

04:40 Can I have a consultation beforehand? How do I find the trainers human?

05:45 What personalities does the coaching team consist of?

06:22 What do the graduates of the training institute for trainers say about your training?

06:25 What is the daily rate for business trainers who train corporate trainers?

08:00 How many participants are admitted to the Train the Trainer course at Corporate Training Academy?

08:41 Do I have to make payments in advance for a business trainer course? Can I take part in two face-to-face appointments first? Can I pay the course fee in installments?

10:28 What are the two most dubious scams in the field of business training to coaching (education)

14:05 What accreditations should a business trainer education have?

15:04 What content should be included in business trainer training?

20:39 What content should be included for the target group of trainers who want to become self-employed?

21:18 What is the composition of the business training market (seminar market)?

However, the business trainer training checklist is more comprehensive and if you are thinking about doing a business trainer training, then definitely get the PDF.

Structure of the business trainer checklist

  • Criteria Part 1: Hidden Costs {5 Criteria}
  • Criteria part 2: payment modalities and possible exit {3 criteria}
  • Criteria Part 3: Number & Fact-Based Criteria {6 Criteria}
  • Criteria Part 4: Content Criteria and Social Factors {15 Criteria}

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Marius Jost

Marius Jost heads the trainer training of the Corporate Training Academy (until 2021 Institute for Systemic Training) as well as the specialist group online training of the BDVT. He began his professional career as an IT analyst and developed into a lobbying and PR specialist for the IT industry. Among other things, he looked after global customers as a senior associate for the public affairs agency Burson-Marsteller. Most recently, he was able to gain further experience as a communications manager at STADA. Jost is a business coach (DBVC) and completed his studies in “International Business Administration” in Paris (ABS) and Frankfurt am Main (Goethe).