eBook: Digital Trainings & Workshops Like A Rockstar

Do you deliver live corporate seminars or digital workshops? You can’t fake experience with digital trainings and workshops. However, we invite you to benefit from our experience from over 15,000 hours of paid trainigns. Avoid embarrassing mistakes in online trainings (live, hybrid, synchronous and asynchronous). Deliver effective digital trainings and workshops.

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🐦 The audacity

🔥 Check-ins & Ice Breakers (Energizers) that really work online

📝 Checklist: How to prepare for successful online trainings & workshops

🏆 Methods to activate participants 

🗨️ 💬 Selection of methods for business trainings & workshops

💡 Checklists on video, audio and lighting for online events

🚧 How to make hybrid trainings and workshops work.

1 Easy-to-use moderation tools 

2 Complex online whiteboards     

3 (Live) Quiz & polling tools

4 Learning management / collaboration tools   

5 Video hosting & backstage-Tools    

6 Video conferencing platforms    

Latest news on our Online- Trainer Certification     

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Marius Jost

Marius Jost heads the trainer training of the Corporate Training Academy (until 2021 Institute for Systemic Training) as well as the specialist group online training of the BDVT. He began his professional career as an IT analyst and developed into a lobbying and PR specialist for the IT industry. Among other things, he looked after global customers as a senior associate for the public affairs agency Burson-Marsteller. Most recently, he was able to gain further experience as a communications manager at STADA. Jost is a business coach (DBVC) and completed his studies in “International Business Administration” in Paris (ABS) and Frankfurt am Main (Goethe).