The best way to boost your career by teaching other people

  In this article, I’m going to show you the best way to boost your own career by teaching other people. After reading this, you will know what to do, have five strong reasons to pull through, and you will be able to avoid the biggest mistake most people make, when they go down this […]

What is a Training Design Plan? (and why do you need one?)

a Training Design Plan

If you want to host a corporate training or a seminar, you might wonder how best to prepare for it. For example, how should a 2-day seminar called “Staff Member to Supervisor – Making the shift!” work? You should organize your training in a document called a seminar plan (a Training Design Plan), training plan […]

Meditation in business trainings – is it appropriate for your group? 🧘

A guide to utilizing meditation (or staying away from it) in your trainings View as a Video Situation Are you (becoming) a business coach or trainer and in the middle of preparing your leadership seminar? Yesterday, your colleague had been raving about how focused her group was during the training day. „It’s because we had […]

The Definitive Guide To Identify Fake Coaches, Written By A Corporate Trainer 🔥

  Six criteria to help you spot impostors (pretending they ‚re Star-Online-Trainers or Coaches) We are improving the quality of this translation. Why identifying fake coaches has become important to me I enjoy investing in my education every year. Finance, marketing, coaching courses… If I find an expert, coach or trainer’s video/article on the web, […]

My mistakes of 2021 and what I learned from them.

🎧Hören statt lesen? We are a talent development company, training Business Trainers. Being in charge also calls for some reflection on my own performance. What I a good leader for our firm this year? Yes – we grew, a lot! However, there are four aspects that I don’t like about me and that I am currently […]

What do I get from the online trainer training from Corporate Training Academy?

At under the heading Become a certified online trainer:in you will find our training for everyone who wants to design and hold online training courses. (Many of our participants also describe their experiences there.) What problem does your training solve? There are four half-Saturdays and a few training rounds (each 1.5 hours) in the […]