Why we are a partner of Doctors Without Borders

At the beginning of March 2020, we contacted Doctors Without Borders. For us the

  • high transparency,
  • the direct tel. reachability
  • the way in which they help directly in areas of crisis.

In Germany, for good reason, it is not legal to specify the purchase of services as a condition for fundraising activities. “If you become a customer, we donate x percent of the sales to…”.

That’s why we have set up an internal budget just for Doctors Without Borders. We refuse to collect donations. With that, there is immediately a potential trust issue.

Instead, our participants will find the link here to what is currently happening at Doctors Without Borders. In addition, we as a company have the goal of doing even better work in order to be able to contribute more there ourselves. If you want to support now: You will find the banner link at the bottom.

I will report at irregular intervals on the work of the aid organization founded in Europe (France). The most important thing for me today is to thank all the doctors and helpers. For us you are heroes.

{Fig. Jason Shivers, Little Rock, USA}