Certified Business Trainer

Learn to lead online trainings confidently and activate participants professionally

Intensive training program in a small group
With experienced teaching trainers from the online seminar practice

Become a certified online trainer

In the seventh edition of our certificate program, learn what to look for in practice when conducting online training, how to skillfully use the best tools, and how to activate your participants from the start.

In this program you have two experienced trainers at your side: Daniel Kottke originally comes from Kienebaum Consulting and works with us as an online trainer and trainer for online trainers. Marius Jost originally comes from WPP / Ogilvy and STADA, has over 11,000 hours of training experience and is head of the online training specialist group of the German Association for Training, Consulting and Coaching (BDVT).

You will be able to hold trainings on popular video conferencing platforms. This includes popular US tools as well as DSGVO-compliant European systems such as Zoom, Teams, BigBlueButton, select whiteboards, quiz systems, and proven online tools for trainers.

The number of seats is limited to 12.

To allow for an ideal mix of interaction and exchange, only a limited number of places are available in this training as well.


Jutta Jung, Champignon, Linkedin profile, final exam on Feb. 19. 2022

Roman Mölling, of MöllingMedia – Final exam on Feb. 19. 2022

WhatsApp from Michael Hein, mh trainingsistitut, dated Nov. 29. ’21 post-graduation. (All voices with kind permission)
Zuzana Wistuba
WhatsApp from Zuzana Wistuba on 02. Aug. ’21 post-graduation. (All voices with kind permission)
Email from Roger Schlegel dated 08 March ’21:
Dear Marius, I am happy to send you a file with a thank you & feedback on the great training. If you like, feel free to put them on your website. Have a nice new week and best regards, Roger
Roger Schlegel
Message from Charlotte Kösterke (Jul. 29, ’21) to Marius after the last module of the trainer education.
Charlotte Kösterke
Silke Humez
WhatsApp message from Silke Humez on 02. Dec. 2020 to Marius after the last module of the trainer training.
Stephen Wagner
Message from Dr. Stephen Wagner of Redelanschaften. His customer testimonial is from 10. 08. 2021. 

More customer testimonials below

Format & Scope

Live online format: four core modules on Saturdays from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Six live training rounds, in the evening, included in the package

Training program with 25 time hours (16 are mandatory to pass the exam).


Try out tools yourself & learn from mistakes

You will use the best tools for online seminars yourself and conduct training sequences in learning tandem in pairs or groups of three. The more mistakes you make as a team, the fewer mishaps await you later when you’re no longer working in a protected space.

Share experiences & get feedback

In each session you will have time to consult with other trainers and benefit from the experiences of the group. In addition, you will receive constructive feedback from the trainer and the group during the numerous exercises. The exercises will also guide you step by step to pass your exam.

Understand GDPR compliant & globally established standards

You will get to know and use the (DSGVO compliant) tools and methods preferred by the customer in Germany and Europe. In addition, you will gain a sound insight into what international customers know and expect from you.

Become part of a living network

Our community of coaches is waiting for you: Take advantage of your and our contacts with senior women trainers, coaches and consultants who are leaders in their field. An open-minded community is invaluable, especially when approaching customers in sales, new projects or didactic questions.

Arrange a meeting with Marius Jost at a fixed date to get your own idea of the certificate program if you are specifically interested.

Claudia Hoffmann (Alumni July 2021) about the training as an online trainer completed on 31.07.2021 with explicit permission. Thanks for your feedback at the end of the live!

Congratulations to our most current group for passing the December 20, 2021 exam. You did a great job and everyone passed!


Module 1 - 09°° - 13°° h ACTIVATE PARTICIPANTS FROM THE START - Marius Jost

In Module 1, you will learn how to activate participants right from the start of live training using the five-step model and how to facilitate a dialogue even with larger groups. However, interactivity is not only enabled by a successful seminar start.

That’s why you’ll get a model that’s proven effective in designing interactive online training. In our exercise on this, you will experience how to easily build your seminar plan step by step to activate participants from the very first minute.

You’ll learn how to engage in dialogue with larger groups & what makes participants invest in the learning process.

Along the way, you’ll experience good introductions, meaningful ice-breakers, short energizers, and recommended “check-outs” throughout the sessions that will go over well online and encourage your participants.

[Check if your computer allows the following websites: Mentimeter.com – Padlet.com]

Module 2 - 09°° - 13°° h Online seminar didactics and targeted tool use - Marius Jost


In module two, you’ll learn about Mural as a powerful whiteboard proven in continuing education. Concrete examples are the best way to get started in this world.

Slip into the trainer role with your small group already during the face-to-face event (after a preparation phase) in order to try out the Padlet, Mentimeter or Mural presented so far yourself and to receive feedback.

To avoid a tool battle, we focus on the best-in-class systems. At the end of the module, we classify the tools presented so far. You’ll also have a checklist that includes relevant tool alternatives in each category according to price and GDPR criteria.

[Check if your computer allows the following websites: Mural.co, flinga.fi]

Module 3 - 09°° - 13°° h Liberating Structures & Border Situations online - Daniel Kottke


Liberating Structures allow trainers to design seminars openly and to find solutions together with their participants. In this session we will look at two concrete examples of implementation and at the end of the day you will also receive a small “reference book” with further options for your own seminars.

Part two of the module: Difficult situations online (Difficult participants). Online, too, a group is much more than the sum of its members. Unfortunately, you lose a group faster online than in the real seminar room. Therefore, we look at a specific situation, “the challenging participant”, and develop a solution approach for it in small groups. You will then receive further approaches to solving certain difficult situations in the online seminar.

[Check if your computer allows the following websites: Conceptboard.com]

Module 4 - 09°°- 12°° h and 13³°-16³° Confident moderation in the online setting - Marius Jost


“What is there to consider when moderating online? What are the differences between physical and virtual learning environments? What are the pitfalls?”

On this Saturday, you and your tandem partner will take on the role of trainer and perform your prepared exercise with us as test participants. In order to allow all tandems enough time for training and joint reflection, this last module will take place in the morning and after the lunch break in the afternoon. If you want to experience all the groups, you can of course visit both parts.

Training round: Big Blue Button (fully DSGVO-compliant seminar platform)


In this training round we dial and together in the DSGVO compliant video conferencing system BigBlueButton. You can upload slides yourself, experience how break-out rooms work there, and learn all you need to know about the pitfalls of the system.

It is possible that a module or a training session is taken over by another trainer from our team.

Training round: Professional video presence


In a relaxed atmosphere we will discuss how you can increase your sound and image quality for live seminars and videos immensely without having to sell your gold coin collection.

Here we can demonstrate hardware, show which components fit together & individually answer your questions about studio setup.

You can find more bonus training rounds in the PDF info pack, which you can download here.

Training round: ZOOM


In this training round there is time to start break-out sessions yourself and get familiar with one or the other trap of the system. Here you can slip into the role of moderator and co-moderator yourself and practice the moves that you urgently need in training.

You can find more bonus training rounds in the PDF info pack, which you can download here.

Training round teams

Microsoft Teams has enjoyed an unprecedented triumph over the past year. Although it was not developed for continuing education, today de facto many trainings take place online on it.

In this training round, there is time to properly understand the roles and functions of teams and to become familiar with one or another pitfall of the system. We also look at how to conduct surveys internally in the system and which Team features are better not used at the moment because they are not yet mature.

You can find more bonus training rounds in the PDF info pack, which you can download here.

Training round: structure for large seminar programs Due to demand we offer two dates

This round of training has been added since our February 2021 training. Here, all those who need to plan over three training days or design entire seminar programs will get their money’s worth. We would be happy to share our experience with you and take a closer look at your designs. The workshop runs 1½ hours.

You can find more bonus training rounds in the PDF info pack, which you can download here.

It is possible that a module or a training session is taken over by another trainer from our team.

New: Online marketing training round for online trainers

After the very good response, we are offering this training round for the second time as part of our training. Contents:

  • Thinking error recognized: What brought the breakthrough in our country from 2020 onwards
  • Content marketing (Content marketing) – So I should give everything out for free? What remains? (Second knot we untie)
  • Where should I start, should I spend money / do it all myself? You’ll learn what online marketing process coaches use to succeed and, more importantly, a solid, two-fold answer to the question, “How do I get my online marketing content?”
  • Optional (“nerd round”) Email Marketing Basics (demo using Klick-Tipp).






🥂 Wed. 10. Jan. 2023 • Get to know the Group! (6:30 – 7:20 pm)

Our four live-meetings from 9 am to 1 pm

Sat, Jan 14 • Module 1 • How to activate your participants from the outset

Sat, Jan. 21 • Module 2 • Proven methods and tools for your digital (live) seminars

Fri, Feb 11 • Module 3 • Liberating Structures and handling difficult situations online

Fri, Feb. 25 • Module 4 • Showdown: Demonstrate your confidence as a facilitator – {mini exam}


Short training sessions – Live-Meetings {all in the evening}

Thu, Jan. 12 • Zoom training session (6:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.)

Wed, Jan. 18 • Teams training session (6:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.)

Wed, Jan. 25 • Training session: Structure for large online training programs (6:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.)

Wed, Feb. 01 • Training session: professional video presence (6:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.)

Thu, Feb. 16 • Training session: Online marketing for online trainers (6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.)



Freie Plätze / Free Seats: 8 (at )

Our congratulations to our March 2021 group: Petra Pulst, Inge Pfeil, Tanja Dahms, Michael Schimpke, Marcus Riese, Christa Binder, Edith Schorr, Silja Fiedrich, Ute Schaeberle, Ursula Tatzber, Holger Ohmann, Josina Gleixner and Antonino Giaquinta. Even if you are not all in the photo at the same time – you all passed with top grades and were an unforgettable group!

Online Trainer Ausbildung

Congratulations to our group “2021” on graduation. No one scored below 89% on the final test! 🏆


Employees & self-employed trainers

55% of our participants

Personnel developers & HR experts

25 % of our participants

Coaches, consultants & people in expert roles

20% Our participants
You can also participate if you do not belong to this group of people. Prerequisite for participation is a preliminary conversation with us:
Phone: 06192 922 10 16

Steffen, Police Hesse {We are not allowed to further identify persons in the state service} via WhatsApp on 03.12.2021

Customer testimonial from Ursula Tatzber about the online trainer training via WhatsApp on 18.04.2021 {Find Ursulaon Linkedin}

Georg Dauth from Gedam Management Tools (Alumni December 2020) about the online trainer training completed on 12.12.2020. Thanks for your feedback!

Included in the program: Latest instructional videos in five categories

Video module 01 – Video conferencing platforms: What to look out for?

Video Module 02 – Confidently Select & Use Online Whiteboards

Video Module 03 – Insert Survey & Quiz Tools Video Module

Video module 04 – The biggest tool stumbling blocks

Bonus module: Video Presence, Studio Technique & Tricks for Techies

Video module 01 – Video conferencing platforms: What to look out for? (5 videos)

Video Module 02 – Confidently Select & Use Online Whiteboards (4 videos)

Video module 03 – Use survey & quizz tools (4 videos)

Video module 04 – video presence, studio technology & tricks for techies (7 videos)

Video module 05 – Online marketing for online trainers (12 videos)


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The invoice will be sent – together with your original certificate – after the last day of your participation. You can agree with us up to two partial payments.


2.762 Since we are a US company, VAT is usually not applicable.
  • Included: Access to all on-demand video modules
  • Also includes online workbook with special section "Serious Games" -
  • Includes all four main dates and all training rounds
  • Including detailed certificate with module descriptions
  • Includes optional coaching sessions (e.g. if you just "can't" make an appointment)
  • First certificate, then invoice: The amount is due only after completion of the training.
  • Earn first with the new knowledge: The amount can be paid in up to two installments.
  • Guaranteed to reach your goal: If you wish, you will receive as many free coaching sessions as you need until you have practiced and understood all aspects of your training.
July 2022


WhatsApp message from Mario Naderer (Hesse Police), from December 2021 to us after the last module of the trainer training.

WhatsApp message from Ulrike Böhm on 04. Dec. 2020 to Marius after the last module of the trainer training. (Courtesy of Ulla Böhm).

Website of Ulrike Böhm

WhatsApp message from Kerstin Renner on Nov 11. 2020 to Marius on the topic of “Training in MS Teams”. (Courtesy of Kerstin Renner)

Kerstin Renner – Website

Ask us for reference phone numbers of participants from the last program. Our participants are happy to provide information!
You can find more customer testimonials below.

Your trainer team

Daniel Kottke, Dipl. Kaufm.

After a whiz-bang start and numerous successful projects as a trainer for communication and leadership, Daniel has moved into the world of trainer education.

He was able to gain valuable professional experience in startups and media companies on the one hand, and in the field of personnel consulting and management consulting on the other. Among other things, Daniel is a certified online trainer, certified SCRUM Master as well as a certified business coach.

In keeping with the philosophy of our company, he lives the ideal of solution orientation and attaches great importance to strengthening the self-competence of our participants.

Marius Jost, M.Sc., Program Management

Marius Jost has been leading the trainer training of the Institute for Systemic Training as well as the online training specialist group of the BDVT since 2013. He is a teaching trainer at the TAM Academy in Berlin and at FORUM Institut für Management in Heidelberg. As a trainer, he brings over 7,000 hours of paid training experience.

Marius originally started his career as an IT analyst and later developed into a lobbying specialist for the IT industry. He served clients such as Microsoft, SAP, T-Systems and the German power exchange EEX. Most recently, he was able to gain further experience as communications manager at STADA. Marius is a systemic business coach (DBVC).

View feedback about Marius on Google Reviews.

Congratulations to our group “2020 B” for graduation. No one scored below 93% on the final test! 🏆


Mid-December 2022 via LinkedIn

Sabine Wesely, Teacher for Special Tasks Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts

As a university lecturer who also offers training and coaching in companies, from March I was in the situation of having to offer seminars online overnight. Students were left to their own devices and immediately (because the semester started) needed online teaching that was informative, entertaining, structured, and supportive. As an “inexperienced” person in the field of online training, I immediately needed support. I came across Marius Jost through an informative article and signed up for his very educational webinar where he explained the basics of online training. I was able to take a lot with me. Subsequently, I booked several coaching appointments on the topic of creating and conducting online trainings. I like Marius Jost because he is competent, supportive, creative and practical. He clearly conveys techniques that can be quickly implemented and responds individually to needs and questions. Unconventional, concrete support is also in his repertoire. With his help, I was able to convert all seminars, talks and coaching sessions to online and have received very good feedback. I even enjoy it! Many thanks for that!

Link: Sabine Weseley on Xing

Michael Hübler, Senior Trainer, Mediator and Author

Although I have been working as a business trainer for many years and already had some experience with Moodle and Ilias, I wanted to further educate myself on the topic of e-learning with the goal of establishing this area as a permanent pillar of my activities.

My research led me to IST. Marius doesn’t just impart the usual standard recommendations that can also be easily found on the internet, but has a wealth of tips that have really helped me as an e-trainer. With his guidance, I was able to create my own e-learning concept that exactly fits my personality and my customers. I probably wouldn’t have been able to do this on my own.

The coaching program with Marius was definitely worth it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again, Marius, and your team!

Links: Website | Published books: publisher Springer, publisher metropolitan, publisher walhalla, interview on “Provocative Leadership Style”.

Judith Kohn, trainer & coach for specialists and executives

I am a trainer with heart and soul and want to remain well positioned in these challenging times. Since I have only trained live so far, I wanted to be coached by a full professional on the topic of online training instead of painstakingly gathering all the information myself. In Marius’ coaching program, I learned an incredible number of tools that are suitable for my work and that give me the feeling of feasibility again. It even made me want to enhance my future classroom trainings with the many creative online tools and make them even more sustainable. In terms of content, I would like to highlight Marius’ expertise and in-depth experience in the use of online tools. Humanly, it was a pleasure to work with him. He tailored the content to me individually, patiently answered all my questions, and helped me break down resistance to online methods with his friendly and easy manner. I had the feeling that he loved what he was doing from the heart. I recommend the program to anyone who wants to equip themselves for the future and have fun at the same time. From the cost – benefit aspect, this is the most valuable thing I’ve done in the last few years! Thank you!

Link: Trainer profile on Xing

Dr. Esther Curdt, bgm consulting Health Manager - Supervisor

Absolutely recommendable: Five stars
Suddenly no more face-to-face events, all appointments canceled until further notice – these are tough times for freelance trainers right now. So you have to change: Online formats are requested, but how do you implement them if you’ve never done it before? The webinar by Marius Jost was the first clue for me as an absolute beginner: I am in good hands here, the man knows what he is talking about! Therefore, I immediately signed up for another course with him and my expectations were more than met: With profound expertise, humor and wit, a lot of flexibility for my own topics and always with a good answer to all questions (even technical ones), Marius helped me to design and properly implement online formats.

I look forward to training my groups online and actually using a program or two for online interactions. Another great thing about this program is that you can try things out for yourself and get honest feedback. I can only recommend it to everyone, thank you Marius!”

Website: www.bgm-consulting.net


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