Exercise 1

Testing your own Padlet - You have 18 Minutes

Take a few minutes to prepare

  • Have one person share the screen, preferably the one who has the least experience using Padlet.
  • Work together and help this participant get access to Padlet. –> Sign up buton (Will take about 3 Mins)

Now, you still have about 15 minutes:

  • Explore together two (max. 3) different board formats in Padlet. Chose one format.
  • Build a padlet board together that is suitable for a moderation. Trying Padlet’s possibilities out is more important to us than already having some “watertight” interaction.
  • Share the Padlet in your breakout group: Does everything work as you planned? Can everybody move cards around?
    (Be ready to share your Padlet Link in the „plenary“ after we will have stopped the breakouts.)